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HOCKEYSHOT 4-Way Elite Passer
HOCKEYSHOT 4-Way Elite Passer
HOCKEYSHOT 4-Way Elite Passer
HOCKEYSHOT 4-Way Elite Passer


HOCKEYSHOT 4-Way Elite Passer

Sale price675.00 NIS

Maximize your training time and space on and off the ice. Get up to four players doing passing drills at once and put them close enough to be able to help each other improve. That's what the HockeyShot Elite 4-Way Passer does! It's a must-have training tool for coaches at all levels, and it's an excellent workaround for limited practice time. The Elite 4-Way Passer's strong, improved bungee cord returns passes with even more force to improve wrist strength and hand-eye. It also provides super-effective one-timer training.

Fast Hands
Your teammates count on you to receive their passes and go for goal. The 4-Way Elite Passer allows you to practice receiving passes from different angles and in motion. Develop fast hands and practice tape-to-tape passing so you can shine the next time you hit the ice.

Deliver a devasting one-timer with the Elite 4-Way Passer. Its heavy-duty bungee cord returns passes with precision and speed. Practice winding up in the slot and fire away as you work to improve your shot power and timing.

Utilize the Elite 4-Way Passer to improve your hand-eye coordination and key reflexes. The passer can also be used for Mohawk skating drills and other training exercises so you can become quicker to react and more nimble when skating.

  • Our most advanced passer can train up to 4 players simultaneously.
  • Improved durable bungee cord provides lightning-fast passes.
  • Easy to carry and store.
  • Usable on All-Star Dryland Flooring Tiles, Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles or real ice.
  • Excellent for working on one-timers.
  • Maximize the time you have as a team by getting more of your players involved.
  • Develop fast hockey hands for giving & receiving passes.

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