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CCM SISU Aero Mouthguard
CCM SISU Aero Mouthguard
CCM SISU Aero Mouthguard


CCM SISU Aero Mouthguard

Sale price125.00 NIS
The CCM SISU Aero Mouth Guard offers more protection with less mouth guard. Ideal for soccer, hockey, lacrosse, basketball, and other contact team sports, SISU mouthguards feature a wide bite pad, rounded edges for comfort, and easy mold-ability to ensure a perfect fit. All SISU guards can be quickly and easily molded (and re-molded) at home with hot water. At only 1.6 to 2.0 mm thick, or 50 percent thinner than conventional mouthguards, players wearing the Aero can talk, breathe and hydrate with the guard in-place. Scientifically engineered with Diffusix technology, the non-compressible, perforated guard material distributes forces over a larger area to reduce risk of dental injury during competition.
  • 1.6mm Thick
  • High-tech thermoplastic material is 30% stronger than conventional mouth guards
  • Medium and Large are compatible with Braces
  • Non-toxic: BPA, BPS, Latex, PVC and Phthalate free
  • Sizes based on height: Small (up to 150 cm), Medium (150-180 cm), Large (above 180 cm)

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