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SKLZ Shooting Pad
SKLZ Shooting Pad
SKLZ Shooting Pad
SKLZ Shooting Pad


SKLZ Shooting Pad

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The heavy-duty Shooting Pad allows players to build their shooting, passing, stickhandling, and scoring abilities that make great players. With the Shooting Pad, there’s no more damaging your favorite sticks trying to practice on concrete, asphalt, or other hard surfaces. Its silicone-infused surface creates ice-like action and realistic puck speed to provide the instant feedback players need during practice. This tool is a great way to build strength, cupping abilities, reaction times, and the muscle memory behind solid stick abilities. With a thick 5mm design and built-in carry handle, the pad provides seasons of easy use. The pad measures 28” x 42” (72 x 100 cm) to provide ample space for all kinds of cupping, passing, and shooting practice.

  • Improve shooting, passing and stickhandling off ice
  • Designed to protect your sticks from concrete, asphalt and other hard surfaces
  • Silicone infused surface for realistic puck movement
  • Heavy-duty 5mm shooting pad to withstand seasons of use
  • Built in carry-handle for ease of use
  • Measures: 28”x42” (72 x 100 cm)

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